Ronnie George

Sell Your Home For A Profit Without All The Hassle & Frustration!

Hey it’s Ronnie,

You might have seen me on social media talking about how my agents & I sell real estate by getting massive attention on our listings.

And I’m sure I’ve popped up on your timeline a time or two and by now you’re probably wondering why?

It’s because I had to get your attention.

And now that I have it I’m going to tell you why it’s crucial for you to do the same if you’re planning on selling a home in today’s market.

You see, attention gets people to take action. Kind of like how you took action by clicking on a link that brought you here…

And what we do is help homeowners sell their properties by getting attention using a proven system that causes motivated buyers to schedule showings in droves.

We create so much attention on our listings that buyers looking for a new home can’t go anywhere on the internet without seeing them.

Our system isn’t just for people who need to sell right now, though.

It’s for people wanting a proven strategy to sell their home when they feel the time is right, because they understand it’s important to know their home’s current value before it’s ever put on the market.

Innovative marketing that attracts motivated buyers is the key to selling a home for more money in the shortest time possible.


Want Proof?

Here’s a few stats on what we’ve been able to achieve using this approach.


I have over $33MM in sales throughout my career and our brokerage has nearly $41MM on it’s own. We became the #5 brokerage in Central Louisiana & the #1 Independent Brokerage in Alexandria, LA by selling real estate using our innovative approach.


Caleb L on May 20, 2018

We listed our home with Ronnie and couldn’t be happier with the level of service we received. Everything from the photographs, to the videos, and the amount of social media attention we received was top notch. In a world of average realtors, he and his team stand head and shoulders above the rest. Thanks guys! You made this experience enjoyable and look forward to working with you in the future!


Amanda D. on Aug 02, 2018

Ronnie, himself, is truly a great realtor with nothing but the best intended for his clients. He goes above and beyond to help them. His staff that I have had the pleasure in talking with and dealing with have been top rate as well. Always there to talk with and help you out with any questions or concerns and willing to go way beyond to help you out and accommodate your needs.


Tony V. on Feb 18, 2019

Ronnie also possesses an extraordinary personality and a great attitude. He is extremely knowledgable, professional, and readily available to assist. His goal is to assist his clients in purchasing/selling; however, he also educates his clients throughout the process. Ronnie is definitely heaven sent! More real estate agents should emulate his tactics.


Want Results Like These?


Our Process.

Behind the scenes of our marketing process we call Advanced Targeted Marketing, ATM for short.

The 3 Phase ‘ATM Process’

Phase 1. The developmental phase - we’re going to identify what makes your home special, if you’re not 100% sure already, and craft an offer that’s irresistible to a potential buyer’s wants and needs.

This offer will be the first impression a buyer has of your home, what you’re offering and why (the prospective buyers believe) they need to have. Ensuring this offer resonates with a potential buyer is what will grab their attention and immediately have them interested.

From there, we’ll position your home & your offer in front of the right audience by showcasing it in such a way that it attracts motivated buyers who are seriously interested in your home and best of all, will buy it!

The P.C.L.L. of our Advanced Targeted Marketing Process.
No amount of advertising will sell a home that’s in a horrible location or terrible condition. Especially, if it’s overpriced & has a dysfunctional layout. We’ll show you how Price - Condition - Location - Layout all work together & when implemented correctly will create a fail-proof Strategy, that will get the attention of motivated buyers that will buy.

Pricing - Competitively pricing your home is the single best way to ensure you get an offer within a specified period of time. If you need a quick sale we’ll price your home so that it sales quickly without leaving money on the table. If you have a longer timeline and can afford to wait, we’ll price it above market value and make strategic adjustments within a specific period of time so that it doesn’t lose the interest of a potential buyer. Remember, the new owner of your home is searching for what you have, we just have to help them find it.

Condition - When placing a home on the market it must be in a condition that a prospective buyer can see themselves living in on the day they see it. If it’s cluttered, confusing and unappealing they’ll move on to the next one. A buyer knows what they want and we’ll get your home in the condition it needs to be so that the moment they walk in the door they’ll be able to see themselves living there and never want to leave.

Location - Most feel that location is the only factor that a buyer considers when deciding on the perfect home. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Every home is unique & will have different pluses and minuses based on the wants and needs of an individual. Just because a home is in a bad location does not mean it will not sell and that holds true for a home that’s in an amazing location. If it’s not priced correctly, is in bad condition and has a dysfunctional layout the amount of buyers interested will be drastically decreased.

Layout - This is the little secret that very few people think about when it comes to selling a home. Buyers might not know a bad layout design when they first see it, but they will know if something doesn't quite feel right about the house. Generally, that feeling is caused by a bad layout. The best house layouts don't cause this reaction. There is no uncertainty about a good layout.

In all there are 3 Phases to the Advanced Targeted Marketing Process & even though you’re just seeing Phase 1 - The Developmental Phase, I hope it’s enough for you to see all that goes into selling a home using our ATM Process. When implemented correctly with the right marketing, the right offer being sent to the right audience that has the right wants and needs, people will fight over the chance to be the new owners of your home.


Past Clients.

They Took The Leap Of Faith And Trusted Our Process & Got Results!

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Meet Ronnie.

Ronnie George   Ronnie is an entrepreneur, top-performing agent, and owner of a highly ranked independent brokerage. He has dedicated his life to helping others accomplish their real estate goals by removing uncertainty. If you’re wanting to sell your home, Ronnie will get you the results you’re looking for using his proven marketing approach, The ATM Process.

Ronnie George

Ronnie is an entrepreneur, top-performing agent, and owner of a highly ranked independent brokerage. He has dedicated his life to helping others accomplish their real estate goals by removing uncertainty. If you’re wanting to sell your home, Ronnie will get you the results you’re looking for using his proven marketing approach, The ATM Process.


Last Chance.

If you’re still here, know this.

I’ll do whatever it takes to get your home sold & promise to make this the smoothest process of your life.