Eliminate Uncertainty With A Bulletproof Action Plan!

Whether buying or selling your first, second or forever home we’ll cover all aspects during a 30 minute call.

We’ll talk about where you are in the process, potential challenges you’ll face along the way & steps you can take to avoid pitfalls & setbacks.

Specifically if you’re buying a home we’ll cover all aspects. From understanding what you can afford, which loan to select, how to get the best deal from a lender all the way down to the entire home buying process & how to identify the best home, negotiate the best deal & go through the process with ease.

For current homeowners & sellers we’ll talk about how to price your home so it sells quickly without leaving any money on the table, how to identify qualified buyers, effective ways to market your home without an agent & things to watch out for when it comes to the appraisal & inspections.


Caleb L on May 20, 2018

We listed our home with Ronnie and couldn’t be happier with the level of service we received. Everything from the photographs, to the videos, and the amount of social media attention we received was top notch. In a world of average realtors, he and his team stand head and shoulders above the rest. Thanks guys! You made this experience enjoyable and look forward to working with you in the future!


Tony V. on Feb 18, 2019

Ronnie also possesses an extraordinary personality and a great attitude. He is extremely knowledgable, professional, and readily available to assist. His goal is to assist his clients in purchasing/selling; however, he also educates his clients throughout the process. Ronnie is definitely heaven sent! More real estate agents should emulate his tactics.

Why Am I Doing This For Free?

I’m offering this for free because I enjoy helping people with the problems they’re facing, regardless if they work with me or not.

On the call we’ll work together to develop your action plan and if you feel I’d be a good fit to represent you during the purchase or sale of your home then we can implement the plan together.

If not, there’s totally no obligation to work with me and at the very least you’ll have clarity and a complete customized action plan that you can implement!

How The Call Will Go

First - We'll spend about 5-10 minutes discussing where you are in the process.

Second - We'll spend about 5-10 minutes discussing where you want to be in the process.

Third - We'll spend the remaining time, about 10-15 minutes, mapping out how we're going to accomplish your goals and get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Finally - I’ll close out the call by asking if you want to work together. Again, there’s absolutely no obligation to work with. But, if you do decide you’d like me to help you implement your action plan we can start right away.

The Price Of My Service

Buyers & Future Homeowners - If you’re looking for a home my services cost you nothing. I only get paid when I find you a home & it’s not taken out of your pocket, pretty sweet deal.

Homeowner & Future Sellers - My commission is adjustable & I focus on the amount you need to make in order to get a deal closed. I’ll never let a commission stand in the way of a sale and getting your home sold is always my primary focus!


Only One - You must be motivated to achieve your goal. Maybe not within 30 days, but as long as you are determined to accomplish your goal this action plan will work for you.

Ready & Able?