Telltale Signs That You Should Consider Changing Directions

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If you feel like you lack guidance & don’t know where you’re going to get your next client from or you feel like you have great ideas but you don’t how to implement them & you’re always attending events & seminars only to leave more confused about what to do to scale your business….you seriously need to consider changing directions.

What Direction Should You Go?

Instead of searching for the answers you should be searching for someone who has the answers! You'll speed up the process & hit your goals faster & with more confidence by knowing you have someone on your side who's done what you're trying to do!


Find someone who’s innovative & practices what they preach. Do they give advice that they themselves would follow? Are they constantly challenging themselves & using innovative approaches to market themselves?

( kind of like the videos below )



You can’t just think about all the things you want to accomplish, you’ve got to make sure that the person you hire to help you has accomplished the things you’re wanting to achieve. It’s extremely frustrating to work with someone who has great ideas but has never implemented any themselves. Do the things they teach open the doors of opportunity or leave you in the dark with the only way out being through another program they offer…


In order to grow you have to step outside your comfort zone & do things differently & think outside of the box for a change. Align yourself with a person that will encourage your growth & support your ideas, no matter how crazy they seem. Have they helped other succeed & if so what do the ones they taught have to say about them? Search out those they have worked with & get their honest opinion about the person you’re considering hiring.



Having the support and guidance from someone who has accomplished what you’re trying to do is invaluable. Be sure to find someone who’s always available to give practical advice & handle a sticky situations or just provide a little reassurance with a decision. This person will be the one you lean on for strength when you start to question yourself or the direction you’re going in. The right person will keep you on track & be there by your side the whole way through.

Where To Go From Here

If by reading this you’ve come to realize that you’ve wasted a lot of time searching for the answers on your own, you’ve got two options.

1. You can keep doing what you’re doing and continue to make progress at a snails pace.


2. You can speed up your process, hit your goals faster & do it with confidence!