I Would HATE To Be A New Real Estate Agent Today

From marketers, coaches, classes, training & mentorship you’d think real estate agents today would be crushing it!

But, the opposite is true. 82% of new real estate agents wash out their very first year. But, how can that be!?

With all the training one would think that these agents would be so highly educated and up-to-date on the latest marketing trends that no one could stop them.

The problem is that there’s too much information out there. There’s too many things to try, ideas to implement & too many directions to take.

Oddly enough there’s only one way to success but many ways to failure.

Agents get caught up trying too many things, lose focus, blow money & give up before they ever get off the ground.

I’d hate to be a new agent in today’s industry. It’s all about sales numbers, agent count and “innovative” approaches. I’ve even gotten wrapped up in this myself many times only finding myself confused, stressed and frustrated at my lack of progress.

That’s when I realized that I had to shut out all the meaningless busy work, the shiny objects & the latest innovations for my own sanity.

I shut down pointless services, closed accounts and stripped away all the clutter & got back to the basics to rebuild.

I went back to the things that I knew worked, and worked like clockwork every time.

I updated my scripts, refined my messaging and got laser focused on who my ideal client is.

I focused on 1-2 core offers and worked them over until my ideal clients responded to them with excitement.

Then I started to integrate technology that I knew worked. The marketing mediums that I knew & understood.

I took the messaging that resonated with my ideal client and turned them into targeted ads and put money behind the best performing ads & got results.

I created a process, refined it & built a system.

That system went on to build my brand which turned into a brokerage & now into something I teach others how to do.

That system is efficient, cost effective & easy to implement.

That system is something I want to teach you how to implement into your business.

If you’re currently at a standstill and don’t know what to do next or you feel like you spend too many hours of your day trying to figure out how to make money, instead of actually making it, this system will help.

If you feel like you’re one small tweak away from major success I can’t relate, and you’re right.

I’d like to invite you to schedule a strategy call with me by clicking the link below.

We’ll talk about where you are in your business, what works, what doesn’t & set a timeline with a step by step process to get you the results you’re capable of achieving.

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Ronnie George