Why You Can't Find The Perfect Home No Matter Where You Look


If you haven’t found the perfect home, it’s probably because you started out in the wrong direction…

I’ll tell you what I mean by sharing a short story.

You see when someone decides they want to buy a home they start out on the left or the right with the ultimate goal of ending up in the middle (in their new home).

The person on the left decides they want to buy a home and gets on the internet to see what listings are available. They look for finishes they know they will like in areas they know they will love.

The person on the right looks at mortgage calculators, contacts a lender and finds out how much they can afford, what type of loan they’ll use and what their monthly payment will be.

No matter where they start, left or right, they’ll end up in the middle IF they follow all the step through the process.

The only difference will be the experience they have along the way.

You see, the person who started on the right figured out what I like to call their baseline first. They know how much they can afford and what type of loan they’ll use along with what their maximum budget may be.

Only after they know their baseline they start looking for homes. They don’t entertain the idea of a home that’s priced above their baseline or one that doesn’t qualify with the type of loan they’re using.

They’ve eliminated options and narrowed their focus while reducing stress without even realizing it.

When we meet we go straight to the homes that align with their baseline and have one under contract within 1-2 weeks after meeting.

Their home buying experience is smooth and stress free.

The person on the left does the complete opposite. They know what they want in a home and have an idea of what it looks like in their mind so they focus on trying to find it first.

They go to open houses, schedule showings to see the inside of listings and watch the market continuously.

They eventually become frustrated and they feel like they’ve seen every home on the market and just can’t seem to find what they’re looking for and wonder if they ever will.

The person on the left describes about 80% of the people I work with.

By the time they reach out to me they’re nearly at the point of giving up, frustrated and a bit overwhelmed with it all.

They don’t know why finding a home has been so difficult because they know exactly what they want but just can’t seem to find it.

The person on the left didn’t necessarily do anything wrong, they just started out in the wrong direction. So, all I do is make a slight adjustment and solve the problem during a short meeting.

The first thing I tell them during our meeting is that I’m going to find them exactly what their looking for. We then spend 5 minutes talking about the things that are important to them in a home.

Things like, the area they want, the school district they need, the layout they desire and the finishes they love.

After that I start talking to them about their budget and asking them what they’d like to keep their monthly note around and if they’d prefer to keep their money in their pocket or put it into the home.

Then we talk about the types of loans that would work best for them and I connect them with a lender that will get them pre-approved as soon as we wrap up our meeting.

I then thank them for their time and let them know I’ll be sending them some properties their way later that evening for them to look over.

I then get in touch with the lender that got them pre-approved, find out the type of loan they selected, how much closing costs we’ll need to get the seller to pay for and what budget we’ll be sticking to.

I then take all that information - my clients must haves, the type of loan they’ll be using & their budget then find them a handful of homes that fit exactly what they’re looking for.

We spend 7-10 days previewing their top picks from the list & negotiate a deal that gets them their perfect home.

And if you feel that you can relate to the person on the left and need to destress your home search I’d invite you to schedule a meeting with me.

We’ll go through the exact process I mentioned above and I won’t stop until I find you the perfect home.

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And if you feel that you can relate to the person on the right and you know your baseline I’d invite you to schedule a call with me.

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Ronnie George