Ronnie George
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The Mentor

Helping you overcome whatever challenges life throws your way.

The saying "You get what you pay for" certainly applies to coaching. As you weigh the cost of coaching it’s important to consider the goals you have not yet reached. The goals as they relate to your personal life, your career or simply the day-to-day quality of your life. Because coaching can help you make choices that will affect your entire future & should be see as an investment in yourself.


What’s the end result?

The Mentor is structured to provide ongoing results that will be achieved through mini victories that build momentum. Think of it as a way to overcome the different problems & challenges you’ll face in your business every week instead of spending the whole time training on an unrelated topic.


How long will it take?

The Mentor is a 3-month or 6-month coaching program that involves weekly 30 minute coaching calls centered around you & your business.


How much is The Mentor?

Starting at $200 per month.


Your Coach, Ronnie George

Ronnie is a real estate broker and owner of an independent real estate brokerage in Louisiana. Ronnie started in an effort to help other agents across the country succeed by providing mentorship & guidance through online courses, coaching and on site training. Ronnie has been selling real estate since April of 2006 and became a broker & founded The George Group, LLC in 2017. Ronnie specializes in marketing, branding, recruiting, team building & business operations.